2020 Our Lady of Lourdes Reverse Raffle Ticket Request Form

Grand Prize of up to $20,000*. In addition, we will have two EARLY BIRD drawings of $250 on January 15th and $500 on January 29th. The first ticket drawn during the event will receive $250. Also, to keep it interesting during the drawings the night of the event, we will be awarding prizes of $100 for every 25th ticket drawn; and $200 for every 100th ticket! You do not need to be present to win the early bird or grand prize. We will also have a second chance drawing. All tickets, once called, will be moved to the “Biggest Loser” raffle drawing where we will draw a $500 winner. You must be present to win the “Biggest Loser” raffle.
A maximum of 500 tickets will be sold for this raffle at $100 per ticket. You can purchase your ticket(s) or a shared ticket via our website using a credit card, or by mailing in the form above with your check. Please make your purchase as soon as possible so that you have a chance for the Early Bird prizes. Note that the Early Bird winning tickets will remain eligible for the Grand Prize and interval drawings as mentioned above.
*based on a minimum of 440 tickets sold. If fewer than 440 tickets are sold, the Grand prize will be ½ of the Net Proceeds received. Please see official rules on our website – Winner need not be present to win.
Questions? Call Mark Telles 513-235-2619