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Our Lady of Lourdes Love Link is a network of parishioners who help provide communications and outreach to their neighbors with the help of the OLL parish community.  This community connection allows those in the OLL neighborhoods to be aware that OLL cares and can provide assistance to those in need. 

In order to make this neighborhood connection work, we need volunteers in the OLL parish neighborhoods to be neighborhood or street captains in their own neighborhood. 

There are some streets in our parish that still need captains before this program can be fully launched.  Please consider this opportunity to be Christ to your neighbors.  Call Jerry Cappel, 922-9270 or email to or Michele Mattingly


 Faith FormationAdult Faith FormationOLL Love Link     July 27, 2017  


One of our recent projects is the renewal of our parish "Love Link." 
Our Lady of Lourdes Love Link is a network of “Neighborhood Captains” and “Street Captains” who help provide communications and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, reaching out to all parishioners and other neighbors. These representatives welcome new members to our parish and school, invite people to our parish functions and serve as a resource for parish members and other neighbors. It is an outreach of the Gospel message, to love our neighbor.


This is nothing new to our parish. Prior to this formal set-up, the networking has been in action and will continue to function because of caring persons throughout our parish. The Network committee, under the title, “Our Love Link”, is attempting to continue and expand what is already in action.


The goal of Our Love Link is to create, organize and maintain a communication network which will lead to the awareness of the spiritual and physical needs of the parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and to other members of our community.

As a member of Our Love Link team you may help a homebound parishioner receive Holy Communion, arrange for food to be brought in for someone who is ill or offer a ride to church for a parish member in need. Many of you are already graciously performing these acts of mercy, through the goodness of your hearts and your Christian love for your neighbors. Love Link provides a channel for your love and concern and will expand your good works and the good works of like-minded people of our parish.  For further information, call Jerry Cappel, 922-9270.

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