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Caroline Seta

May 1, 2022

Third Sunday in Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

In this weekend’s Gospel passage, the story begins with no fish caught, a night of failure. Then the sun
rises, and someone calls from the shore. Peter is so full of excitement when he recognizes Jesus, he
jumps off the side of the boat and swims to his dear friend. His is a childish response that is pure and an
expression of his desire for the goodness of Jesus. Peter becomes the face of the church on earth.
Despite the apostles’ original efforts to hide, they are noticed by the Sanhedrin and brought before
them. “We gave you strict orders … to stop teaching in that name.” Here we see Peter give full witness,
instead of hiding, he responds, “We must obey God rather than man.” Firm in his words, Peter is no
longer afraid to be identified with our Savior. Through the readings of the Easter season, we can
discover the transformation of Peter from timid and impulsive “sidekick” to the leader Jesus always
knew he could be.

Have you ever failed at something so badly, you felt you couldn’t possibly try again? As you consider
this question, notice Peter’s transformation. He offers a wonderful example of how our faith can grow
when we accept God’s mercy. Our psalm today, reminds us of God’s mercy as we hear, “For his anger
lasts but a moment;/a lifetime his good will.” God’s love is constant.

This weekend young people from the parish receive their first Holy Communion.  Join me in congratulating them, thanking their parents and families for all they have done to bring them
to this moment.

Continue to pray for peace, especially in Ukraine. Have a blessed week! Fr. Len

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