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A Message from Ms. B:  We have finally entered the month of May.  May flowers, May Crowning, and Mayday. Webster’s defines mayday as: a distress signal used by emergency organizations.  While we might not be an organized emergency group (at least not everyday) or in complete distress, we certainly need your help.  This has been an unbelievably difficult year for all of us, especially our students and staff.  Families of students, grades 4-8 should have received a letter regarding student behavior, a formal “SOS”.  We need help from our most powerful partners.  I believe our staff has done a remarkable job of “edu-taining” our students this year.  In a time when we are asking for less screen time, there is the danger of increased screen time in class.  Rest assured, we are dividing time responsibly.  Rarely have I seen a class spend more than 15 minutes on a device.  Because of my previous high school teaching experience, I have kept my “finger on the pulse” of secondary school expectations.  The expectation is to use technology for more than just entertainment.  If we could “TikTok” the life of St. Bernadette, our students might remember her charism a bit longer, or their algebraic equations, or how to grow plants hydroponically.  We believe our students are more than prepared and will demonstrate their attributes more than adequately.  We just need to hold on for one more month!  We know everyone is exhausted: students, staff, and our families.  It has been a trying year but remember that it wasn’t too long ago that our students essentially missed an entire trimester.  We have worked hard to make up that time and ensure our students made substantial progress.  We did.  Our IOWA scores increased considerably in both Reading and Math.  Comparatively, we are more than competitive, academically, with our fellow Archdiocesan schools.  I have no way of scientifically reporting our behavior as it compares to other schools but I do know that our pride should propel us towards the top.  Your support and motivation has been invaluable and if we could have it just a bit longer, all of our students could finish the school year on a positive note.   Ms.B

School Supplies

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EPI and the PTO are working together to make Back to School Supply Shopping easy!  The supply lists are individualized per grade.  The supplies will be shipped directly to school.  PTO will put the child's name on their pack and put it on their homeroom desk by Open House!  It's that easy!  Order online at: School ID: OUR104 Sale ends on June 14, 2021.


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