Sunday, October 17, 2021

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A Message from Ms. B:

One of my second graders asked the other day: “How come when Scout comes to school everyone is so happy? Why is Scout so good at making us smile?” I answered, “Because Scout has only known love and kindness from everybody she’s encountered her entire life. And we hope she stays that way.” “Is that why you bring her here, Ms. B? Because we’re good and she loves us?” Of course, all of our students are “good”. I like to think that our students are the best. The best they can be each day. It can be challenging to follow the rules, interact with friends and peers, participate in instruction, and smile (like you mean it!) all in one day, every day, five days a week. Our students aren’t “perfect” but the inner fortitude they have to get back up and try again, makes them the best. Their wellmeaning intentions to do the right thing (even if it turns out a bit ‘wrong’) makes them the best. And their willingness to learn makes them the best. It would be great to keep our students surrounded only by love and kindness, like Scout. But the reality is as our students get older, they are bombarded by social media posts on Instagram, Snapchat, and influences from other outlets. Some might think the task too daunting. We can only keep loving our kiddos and demonstrating kindness, every day. “Tucker, I bring Scout because she makes you as happy as she makes me. And I think you make her happy, too.” Have a great weekend, Tigers!

Ms. B

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Join Us for Sunday Mass

In June the bishops of Ohio lifted the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation that they granted in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. So we invite your families to resume the practice of regularly participating in the celebration of the Eucharist in-person with the parish community. Hearing the Word of God and receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion can strengthen you and your children to cope with the stresses of these difficult times. We welcome you to pray & worship God with us on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.


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