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March 22, 2021

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A Message from Ms. B:

Our Hot Lunch Coordinators wanted to make sure everyone knows to check your orders…especially when we canceled Humberts and added Christines. Remember, during Lent we have hot lunch on Thursday and orders are due earlier. We want to make sure everyone has their lunch. I know we sometimes forget to order lunch before the due date or our students might not like the lunch choices (especially this year with limited choices due to Covid protocol) but I wanted to make sure everyone understands that this is also a fundraising opportunity. We receive a percentage from each vendor which is another benefit to our hot lunch program. When other hot lunches are brought in, it takes away from helping the school. Please reconsider this practice.

Please chat with your students about the academic and behavioral expectations as we work through the third and final trimester of the year. We would like everyone to end on a “high” note.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather!   Ms. B

St. John Bosco Youth Group

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The St. John Bosco Youth Group is an awesome place to meet Catholic teens who are growing in their faith a little more each day. The Youth Group brings teens together each week to learn about their faith, to grow in their faith and in community, and to strengthen their faith so they can go out into the world and be "Fishers of men" -Matthew 4:19

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March 12, 2021

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A Message from Ms. B:

Tuesday evening, our 8th graders made their Confirmation in a beautiful and reverent ceremony. Fr. Steve Angi celebrated the mass and rite and delivered a meaningful Homily. I want to thank the many individuals who helped in the preparation of the candidates as well as the “behind the scenes” details. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our parents, guardians, and sponsors for preparing the Confirmandi on their spiritual journey.

This week we are continuing and completing the IOWA testing. We will be conducting make-up tests this week and hope everyone will be finished by Friday. Please chat with your students about the academic and behavioral expectations as we work through the third and final trimester of the year. We would like everyone to end on a “high” note.  Have a great week!    Ms. B

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Yesterday, I looked at the calendar and I was reminded that this time last year I met with the staff daily to provide what little information and insight I might have regarding the pandemic and a potential school closure. Everything was still unknown at this time but we felt the inevitable was bound to happen. It wasn’t until weeks after we were sent home that I really looked at the building and the leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows that were left eerily hanging in the hallways.

We are entering allergy season and there is always the chance of the stomach flu and colds. A school is rife with opportunity to “get sick”. As a general rule of thumb, we tell our students to wash their hands, cough into their elbow, and stay home if sick. These actions, coupled with wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from each other, are the mandates needed to keep ourselves and others safe. Never have these simple actions been so important. Please remind your students about washing their hands, staying apart, and wearing their mask.

Our community has done a good job up to this point and we cannot afford to relax our efforts and “let our guard down”. We have just started the 3rd trimester and we are still trying to “fill the gaps” left from last year’s end to the school year. Even after the staff’s 2nd vaccinations this week, we will still be following the same mandates.

While we cannot control everything, we can control our actions. It’s just the right thing to do. Stay healthy by staying smart, Tiger Families and remember your PAWS!   Ms. B


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