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A Message from Ms. B:

Funny, isn’t it? Spring, 1 inch of snow, and single digit wind chill. Cincinnati has some of the strangest weather. I spoke with some fellow principals the other day about student behavior. We all agreed that last week felt like a full moon…every day. Full moons, change in the weather, the time change, it all sounds like some ancient “wive’s tale” we use to explain human behavior, specifically student behavior. There are days when Mrs. King and I look at each other in dismay and wonder if it’s “us”. Are we getting too old and out of touch (I mean, the kids didn’t even know every performer in the SuperBowl halftime show!)? My latest answer is: students are not wired nor are they exposed to the same things we were when we were children.

A parent told me that she recently removed tech devices from the home. She was tired of the kids fighting over “tech time”. She said she already noticed a change in their behavior at home, that they were a bit more mellow, quieter, and more attentive. I started to research on the topic but was soon overwhelmed with the amount of startling information. In an effort to grow closer to people, we have grown more isolated, retreating into our bedrooms and a 5inch device. In order to attract reluctant students to learning, we have instead pushed some students further away from the very basics such as Reading.

Kids are going to be kids. Teachers are always going to want students to behave and students are always going to try and get away with as much possible. But I think I like the “good ole’ days” when we had to use our imagination and devise ways to “break the rules” not “device” ways with Google or YouTube. And detention was always a quiet opportunity to reflect on the bad behavior, trying to figure out how the adults always found out (and think of a better way next time?). Taking away devices might not be feasible in your family setting but consider the challenge and see what happens. What happens to the behavior…of everyone?

Ms. B


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