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Monday, August 16, 2021

Paw Prints

Open House- Meet the Teacher
August 15, 12-2 for grades K-3 Monday, August 16, 6-8pm for grades 4-8

 Students and parents are invited!
 Parents and children are invited to visit classrooms for a short time.
 This is the time to drop off school supplies, tissues, paper towels, etc. (All EPl kits ordered through school will be taken to the student’s homeroom.)
 Teachers will be in their classrooms to meet you and your child.
 The entire building will be open.

                                                             The Our Lady of Lourdes Checklist
 The first week of school can be a mixture of excitement and anxiety. In order to help your student make the transition, consider consistent bedtimes and the night before set out uniforms, pack backpacks, and prepare lunches. Encourage your student to get up in enough time to have breakfast.

Here are a few things to consider the last few days before the first day:

Lunch and Water Bottles
Do you have your lunchbox and water bottle? Remember we are a pack lunch only school. Once our Ways and Means Committee and Hot Lunch Coordinators finalize everything, we will be sending out information regarding the Friday Hot Lunches from various local vendors. Your students should bring a reusable and labeled water bottle since we will not be using the water fountains. We have our water filling stations ready to go! Ms. Melisa has drinks and snacks for the first day in the cafeteria.  A price list will be sent this week.

 Uniforms are expected to be worn the first week.
PTO has planned the used uniform sale for Sunday, August 15 - 6 to 8 in Trinity Hall. We are asking if anyone has donations to bring it with them.
Remember, hair color should be natural. No mohawks, fauxhawks, or distracting hairstyles.

Have you finalized your transportation? Remember that CPS bussing will not transport on Wednesday after school but they will pick-up in the morning. All bussing (both Oak Hills and CPS) is obtained through the district, not Lourdes. Does your student know how they are going home? Do they know their bus numbers if riding the bus? Consider putting their bus number on an index card and place it in their backpack and their older siblings names, if they have any in the upper grades.
Remember car riders: students with last names beginning with N-Z, Kindergartners and their siblings will be picked up in the cafe lot, students with last name beginning with A-M will be picked up in the church lot. Morning Drop-Off When students are dropped off in the morning between 7.20-7.30 in the cafeteria lot, they will report to the cafeteria in their designated spots (the kindergarten and primary always stay together!).

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